First Love

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
My first love smells like Eternity by Calvin Klein 
My first love sounds like November Rain playing; basement house party 
My first love looks like blonde hair and blue eyes; forever my type
My first love tastes like warm cinnamon rolls with melted butter
My first love sounds like all-night conversations (whispers); peppered with call-waiting beeps we ignored
My first love sounds like Smells Like Teen Spirit blasting in your car; feels like driving too fast
My first love smells like cologne; 90s scent (goosebumps forever)
My first love feels like my face in your hands (skin on fire)
My first love reads like pathetic, but oh so heartfelt, poetry 

It’s you showing up after our hiatus
The way you looked at me that night 
And then, 
You said it 
"It’s always been you."
(face flushed)

And then, one day:

It’s you taking it back
(cannot breathe)

In that moment; forever:

Now, excuse me, I need to place an order.